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Broken Eggs speaks food, beverages & lifestyle.

Broken Eggs speaks about food brands
and brands that want to talk food.

Broken Eggs speaks to the general public,
to demanding insiders, and to media and influencers.

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We love one-night stands as much as great relationships, one-off declarations as much as sustainable campaigns.

We uncover the latest trends without renouncing traditions, providing an outlook that is both relevant and iconoclastic.

We support you in living, or bringing to life, a new experience.

The team

A generation in tune with the times where food reverberates in pop culture.

A team of producers, communicators, creatives and planners.

An approach that gives pride of place to chefs, sommeliers, mixologists and artisans with ideas.


Custom events
Lunches and dinners
Partnerships and chef collaborations
Pop-up restaurants and mobile kitchens
Catering ecosystems

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Event management & production
Design and strategic planning
Consulting and support


  • 17.05.2018
    Taste of Paris, Grand Palais, Paris.
    Concept, design and set up : TERRITORIOA territory as a global united concept : soils, climate, agriculture, products, cuisine and of course, women and men.All these are part of a coherent and interdependant system that contributes to each region’s identity and influence.TERRITORIO aims to put forward these regions’ culinary hallmarks through its men, products, know-how and History.
  • 19.04.2018
    20TH BIRTHDAY PARTYArt Paris Art Fair
    Grand Palais, Paris.
    Party for 500 people around the theme of Gastronomy with 5 tasting tables and 5 countries : France, Switzerland, Korea, China and Africa.Chef’s selection, overall production of the party, service, music, bar management, etc.
  • 28.03.2018
    Grand Palais, Paris.
    Conception, production and operation of an real F&B ecosystem.- 2 snacking corners- 1 restaurant & tea time- 1 VIP bar with Ruinart
  • 24.01.2018
    Loft, Puteaux
    Design and production of a lunch in an empty loft on the top floor of a building still under construction. Scenography, decoration and art de la table, sourcing of the chef, service, construction of a kitchen and an office, etc.
  • 19.12.2017
    La Gaité Lyrique, Paris
    Design and production of an evening event, around 3 food themes, imagined as borders:- Edible VS Non-Edible: Algae and Insects - Functional VS Hedonism: Meal Replacements- Animal VS Vegetal: Vegan Products
  • 16.10.2017
    Le Quartier Général, Paris
    Design and staging of a food and wine pairing evening, inviting chefs and winemakers to work at the same table and share their inspiration.
  • 29.05.2017
    Ateliers Hermès, Pantin
    Logistics and production of lunches and dinners, in collaboration with the chef Giovanni Passerini
  • 30.03.2017
    Le Grand Palais, Paris
    Design, production and management of a catering ecosystem with a contemporary African themeCreation of the overall concept, graphic design, and Kinetic Africa stagingSocial and digital activation